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We have all seen someone twist a perfect, seamless, clean-burning joint before. If you have rolled enough yourself, you may have even reached this height yourself. It takes practice, of course – plus a little luck, depending on the quality of the paper that you are using. Human error is unavoidable, though. One of the creases folds up, the paper crumbles somewhere in the middle, or your bud just isn’t smoothing out the way that it should be: whatever the cause, the outcome is all the same. You don’t get the joint that you want.

What is there to do about this?

For a long time, the answer to that question was nothing. There were no rolling paper alternatives. Talk about a bummer! If you wanted to toke on a fresh, satisfying jay, then you had to roll it up yourself or find someone who could. All of that has changed only recently, as prerolls and prerolled cones have appeared in dispensaries and head shops. For anyone who appreciates a joint, but not the stress that goes along with rolling, these things are like little miracles for your dankest flower.

You may be wondering What exactly is a preroll? Also, what makes the best prerolls? Let’s get into that.


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