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They are, for example, empty cones: prerolled cones. These come in a variety of sizes, like all of those that we create at Jiwa for the best prerolls possible, and they also come in different consistencies, again depending on the quality of the paper. If you get an empty cone, you are doing the packing but not the rolling. Using your finger or a small cardboard tube, you stuff your green into the empty cone, filling it up and then pressing or twisting it off at the top so that you can light it.

Another type of preroll is the prepack. This option is for the cannabis enthusiast who wants to do absolutely nothing other than spark up and enjoy. A prepack comes with the flower inside it. More and more often, prepacks will come with some sort of wax, oil, or other concentrate lining the inside or outside too. There are even prepacks that come with flower on the inside with oil and kief on the outside.
There are so many options for prerolled joints, it is worth looking into the other factors that determine the burn, the consistency, and the quality. After all, the flower and the cleanness of the roll don’t always tell you everything you need to know. Paper quality, as we mentioned, is going to make a huge difference for your joint. A preroll made of crummy, low-quality paper is not going to smoke as well or keep its shape as well as paper is sourced and handled responsibly.

This is the reason that at Jiwa, we pay careful attention to every step in our process, from sourcing to production to distribution. We have researched and tested our rolling papers extensively, running them through the most stringent quality assurance examinations in the industry. Because we understand how wide a gap there is between top-quality paper and all of the rest, we pursue the best-prerolled joints constantly.


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